• Family comes first. 
  • Pride in the men and women we support

Our Values 

President - Chuck Fitzgerald (Fitz)

Vice President - Herman Getty (Rigger)

Secretary - Liz Saylor (Dragonfly)

Treasurer - Debbie Darley (Ms. Tex)

Information Technologist- Bobbi Jo Hartung (Jersey)

Trustee - Mike Saylor (Popeye)

Event Coordinator - Dawn Walker (Red Rose)

Sr. Quartermaster - Wayne Hogeland (Hoge)

Sr. Safety Officer - John Brady (Bam)

Sr. Road Captain - Nick DiGregorio (Bullet)

1st Sergeant of Arms - Brad Ehly (Spyder)

Historian - Kerry Darley (Tex)

Public Relations Coordinator - Walt Blythe (Just 1 More)

Chaplin - Dorothy Fitzgerald (Psycho Wife)

Jr. President - Tori DiGregorio (Lil Dig)

Stars and Stripes, Bars and Pipes Organization National Headquarters Board Members

and Founding Members


Donations should be mailed to our P.O. Box.

(Check or Money Order Only)

est. 2016