President - Chuck Fitzgerald (Fitz) - Founding Member

Vice President - Herman Getty (Rigger) - Founding Member

Secretary - Liz Saylor (Dragonfly) - Founding Member

Treasurer - Debbie Darley (Ms. Tex) - Founding Member

Information Technologist- Bobbi Jo Hartung (Jersey)

Trustee - Mike Saylor (Popeye) - Founding Member

Event Coordinator - Dawn Walker (Red Rose) - Founding Member

Sr. Quartermaster - Wayne Hogeland (Hoge) - Founding Member

Sr. Safety Officer - Gerry Memmo (Joker)

Sr. Road Captain - Nick DiGregorio (Bullet) - Founding Member

Road Captain - 

1st Sergeant of Arms - Brad Ehly (Spyder) - Founding Member

2nd Sergeant of Arms - Michael Poole (MVP)

Historian - Kerry Darley (Tex) - Founding Member

Public Relations Coordinator - Walt Blythe (Just 1 More) - Founding Member

Chaplin - Dorothy Fitzgerald (Psycho Wife) - Founding Member

Jr. President - Tori DiGregorio (Lil Dig)

Our Values 

Stars and Stripes, Bars and Pipes Organization National Headquarters Board Members

and Founding Members


  • Family comes first. 
  • Pride in the men and women we support

est. 2016

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P.O. Box 70, Holmes, PA 19043

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