est. 2016

President:                    Michael Poole, MVP                        Sr. Safety Officer:             John Brady, Jr., Wirenut

Vice President:           Gerry Memmo, Joker                      Sr. Road Captain:             Roy Standal, Slider

Secretary:                    Kimberly Jean McErlean, Irish        Quartermaster:                Erika Geider, Firecracker

Treasurer:                    David Geider, Lazy                          Event Coordinator:         Lenny Daddona, Lunch

Trustee:                        George Shirley, Ghost                    Public Relations:              Kelly Watt-Jevnick, Lolli

IT:                                    Valarie Jarman, Boots                    Historian:                           Sanford Slawter, Sanman

1st Sgt of Arms:           John Ominus, Johnny O                 Jr. President:                     Jenna Hawkings, Happy

2nd Sgt of Arms:         Doug Scarle, Wawa                         Jr. Vice President:            Aiden Brady, Mouth

Chaplin:                         Michelle DiMento, Blaze


Our mailing address is:

Stars and Stripes, Bars and Pipes

PA Alpha Chapter
P.O. Box 183
Norwood, PA 19074

Donations should be mailed to our P.O. Box.

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